1. Your ticket is just for you – if you’re coming with a friend, they’ll need to apply for their own ticket.
  2. At the registration desk, we’ll give you A set of stickers to showcase your skill set and  a blank lanyard to write your name on. We’ve got lots of nice big felt tips, so go for large, clear letters.
  3. We are introducing a new format, running 3x 90 minute focused sessions per day.
  4. There will be free WiFi, but there’ll be a thousand other users, so be sensible about usage (no film, database downloads, etc.)
  5. There will be free coffee all day, and a free bar – enjoy!
  6. There’ll be plenty of conversation about the event happening on social media – so please take part! Use #SMRmay23 on Twitter and Instagram, as well as following us in the lead up for exciting announcements.
  7. Be polite, and patient – We recommend breaking the ice by asking about the mission, the technology, the background of the team, the challenges and the opportunities to grow and learn. Ask how the person you’re speaking to is doing right now. Enjoy, relax, smile!
  8. Make new friends. We have it on good authority that there are several companies whose founders met at our events.
  9. Any questions? In an emergency? Spot an independent recruiter? During the event look out for the (gorgeous) Silicon Milkroundabout crew, we’re all super friendly, calm, and more than happy to help.

Last modified on March 20th, 2023