What links should I include on my profile?

If you’re looking to work at a tech company, you definitely need a good online presence. Tech employers will search for you, and what they find is likely to influence whether they get in touch about that dream job or not.

A LinkedIn profile is definitely preferable if you don’t have LinkedIn then an account on a relevant professional platform – like GitHub or StackOverflow for developers, Dribbble or Behance for designers – is a good start. But we think putting your own site together is a great exercise for anyone looking to work in technology.

“The real value of a personal website for most isn’t the value of the website itself, but comes from the exercise of creating one that accurately describes you. It forces you to look at yourself as a product and realise what value you create for whatever it is that you want to do.” Lifehacker

Your site doesn’t have to be complicated, you can set up an awesome (and free!) online profile on any of these:

about.me | zerply | re.vu

Plus, check out this guide from Smashing Magazine for tips on what you should include in a portfolio site.

In summary – be clear about what you have to offer, what you can do and what you’re looking for and the (tech) world is your oyster!

Last modified on March 23rd, 2022